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What is ADD Coaching?


The essence of coaching is the power of collaboration - working with others who can inspire, instruct, and support the changes we want, moving life forward...
It's about building a partnership for success.

Expert ADD coaching requires skills and methods specific to the unique challenges and opportunities ADD presents.

  It's not new for sports, the arts, business, or education. 
  Why not coaching for one's personal development?
  It's a partnership to bring out your best. Coaches offer knowledge, skills, and systems for getting things done.  
  The ADD coach offers support, guidance, and accountability, so that things actually happen! The good ADD coach knows ADD from the inside out - - they "get-it."  
  You learn new ways to solve problem and accomplish goals, moving life forward in key areas, such as:  
  Work & career   Health & well being
  Balance & spirit   Quality relationships
  Home & finance   Education, talents, interests

Our ADD coaches base their work on a fundamental understanding
of how the ADD brain works. ADD presents some degree of deficit with concentration, memory, and regulating action. The result is often a set of day-to-day challenges that block one's ability to build the life they want - problem areas that block progress:

  Disorganization Mental overwhelm, stress
  Procrastination Planning & tracking time
  Forgetfulness Sequencing & completing tasks

But there are the ADD strengths as well, abilities such as: problem solving and imagination, creativity and love of learning, energy and passion, sensitivity to others, verbal abilities, humor and curiosity, diversity of interests, hyperfocus and persistence. The ADD coach uses three powerful tools to help manifest one's strengths to the demands of daily life.


The ADD Coach with real expertise works with the individual in three areas:1) Self-management strategies to neutralize areas of challenge; 2) Action plans to manifest strengths and interests; 3) Support systems to foster confidence, balance, and action. You can speak with an ADD coach to learn more about how coaching works.

  What to Expect

Our quality ADD coaches will have some questions for you!
They will ask about your readiness for action and change.
There will be questions about your time and energy levels, your expectations, goals, and knowledge about ADD.
A good ADD coach will give you their complete attention, full honesty, confidentiality, and realistic expectations:

  Less struggle & more success NO quick fixes
  To be heard & understood Knowledge & hope
  Clear goals & strategies Kind words & accountability

* Get Started

You have a menu of options -


A. Clarify your priorities at Your Coaching Needs, or


B. Set up a free INTRO call at Talk to ADD Coaches, or


C. Learn what our clients say at Clients You may Know, or

  D. Send general questions & inquiries via email or phone:
Learn more about our coaches and coaching

If you are new to coaching our site has a lot of good information.
You can review sample formats, examples of how an ADD coach sets up a month of sessions.

Our ADD coaches have testimonials to share, good results from clients across the country, probably some like you...

There are many advantages to ADD coaches working over the phone,
but if you have questions about it we have a page of discussion.

Try the ADD coaches, Challenges Checklist, a self inventory for you that our team developed.